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Best H Flow Control Ltd (BHFC) is a professional supplier of stainless steel valves and stainless steel fittings, pneumatic actuators in North America. BHFC has multiple factories include Lost-wax Castings, Machining and Assembly with ISO9001, CE PED, API,  DVGW certificates in China and Vietnam. 

BHFC has more than 20 years manufacturing experiences on Lost-wax Castings, Ball Valves, Fittings, Pneumatic Actuators. 100% of BHFC products are sold to North America, Europe, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Argentina, South Africa etc.

The chemical industry has existed since the Industrial Revolution, but never before has it been as vast and prominent in society as now. BHFC valves are engineered to handle everything from basic and commodity chemicals to polymers and specialty chemicals.
As a global manufacturer BHFC understands the demands required in pulp & paper mills today; long runs, uninterrupted service and production that goes on as scheduled without the need of costly valve failures that could shut down the process.
Petroleum is a global industry and as such should have a global institution to provide the highest quality products. BHCF is the leading ball valve and actuator manufacturer in oil and gas.
BHFC provides quality stainless steel press fitting products well suited for the water industry. The fully diverse line of products gives BHFC an edge over competitors. Water is a global industry and as such should have a global institution to provide the best possible quality products.
BHFC provides numerous types of valves for a multitude of industries. Food and Beverage is no exception. BHFC valves cover applications such as Sanitary Services, Food and Beverage, Pure Water, and applications requiring taste test approval.
Threaded and flanged characterized ball valves provide accurate and cost effective control for a wide range of equipment in HVAC applications.
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