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HPY Pneumatic Actuator


HPY Pneumatic Actuator

SKU: AC00001
    • HPY actuators are available with either B or C body modules. The B body modules provide efficient operation at both the break and end positions. The C body modules have a torque advantage in applications where higher break torque is needed to unseat the valve, with less critical needs at the run or full open positions
    • Operating Ranges HPY actuators have torque outputs for spring-return models in excess of 110,000 Nm and double-acting models in excess of 260,000 Nm
    • Operating pressures are: 3~10Bar
    • Operating temperatures standard -20℃ to +80℃
    • Optional trims include:
    • High Temperature -15℃ to +150℃
    • Low Temperature -40℃ to +80℃
    • Integral bi-directional travel stops, adjustable from -6°to 96°of total valve travel, assist the HP Series in prolonging valve seat integrity
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